UIWindow Theming Parameters

The UIWindow theming block id is 'window'.



A diagram of which part of the element is themed by which colour parameter.

UIWindow makes use of these colour parameters in a 'colours' block. All of these colours can also be a colour gradient:

  • "dark_bg" - The background colour/gradient of the 'back' of the scroll bar, the colour of the track that the scroll bar moves along.

  • "normal_border" - The colour/gradient of the border around the scroll bar.


UIWindow accepts the following miscellaneous parameters in a 'misc' block:

  • "shape" - Can be one of 'rectangle' or 'rounded_rectangle'. Different shapes for this UI element.

  • "shape_corner_radius" - Only used if our shape is 'rounded_rectangle'. It sets the radius, or radii, used for the rounded corners. Use a single integer to set all corners to the same radius, or four integers separated by commas to set each corner individually.

  • "border_width" - The width of the border around the element in pixels. Defaults to "1".

  • "shadow_width" - The width of the shadow around the element in pixels. Defaults to "2".

  • "enable_title_bar" - Controls whether the title bar appears with it's attendant buttons. "1" is enabled and "0" is disabled. Defaults to "1".

  • "enable_close_button" - Controls whether the close button appears on the title bar, only has any affect if the title bar exists. "1" is enabled and "0" is disabled. Defaults to "1".

  • "title_bar_height" - The height of the title bar in pixels if it exists. Defaults to 28.


You can reference all of the buttons that are sub elements of the window with a theming block id of 'window.button'. You can also reference the buttons individually by adding their object IDs:

  • 'window.#title_bar'

  • 'window.#close_button'

There is more information on theming buttons at UIButton Theming Parameters.


Here is an example of a window block in a JSON theme file, using the parameters described above.

 2   "window":
 3   {
 4      "colours":
 5      {
 6         "dark_bg":"#21282D",
 7         "normal_border": "#999999"
 8      },
10      "misc":
11      {
12         "shape": "rounded_rectangle",
13         "shape_corner_radius": "10",
14         "border_width": "1",
15         "shadow_width": "15",
16         "title_bar_height": "20"
17      }
18   },
19   "window.#title_bar":
20   {
21      "misc":
22      {
23         "text_horiz_alignment": "center"
24      }
25   }