Text Effects

When using the UITextBox element there is an option to add one of three preset effects that will control how all of the text in the element is displayed.

These effects are:

  • Fade In. (ID: pygame_gui.TEXT_EFFECT_FADE_IN)
  • Fade Out. (ID: pygame_gui.TEXT_EFFECT_FADE_OUT)
  • Typing Appear. (ID: pygame_gui.TEXT_EFFECT_TYPING_APPEAR)

Applying an effect

To apply an effect to a UITextBox element call the set_active_effect method, with the id of the effect to apply:


The effect will start running immediately after calling this method. You can deactivate an active effect by calling:


Fade In

A simple alpha fade from translucent to opaque. This effect is currently only supported on Pygame 2.

Fade Out

The reverse of fade in, an alpha fade from opaque to translucent. This effect is currently only supported on Pygame 2.

Typing Appear

This effect makes the text in the box appear letter-by-letter as if someone was typing it in by hand (very smoothly).