UIColourPickerDialog Theming Parameters

UIColourPickerDialog is a UIWindow with the element id of 'colour_picker_dialog' and the default object id of '#colour_picker_dialog'.


An image of the Colour Picker Dialog.

Inherited Parameters

As a UIWindow the Colour Picker Dialog has all the theming parameters of the UIWindow, which you can read more about here UIWindow Theming Parameters.


As well as the sub-elements of the UIWindow (title bar and close button) which you can read about here UIWindow Theming Parameters, the Colour Picker Dialog has the following sub element IDs -


  • '#colour_picker_dialog.#ok_button'

  • '#colour_picker_dialog.#cancel_button'


  • '#colour_picker_dialog.colour_channel_editor'

You can find out more about theming buttons here: UIButton Theming Parameters.

UIColourChannelEditor Theming Parameters

UIColourChannelEditor has no theming parameters of its own.


The Colour channel editor is only used in the colour picker dialog, and is composed of three sub-elements. You can access them for theming with the following IDs:

  • '#colour_picker_dialog.colour_channel_editor.text_entry_line'

  • '#colour_picker_dialog.colour_channel_editor.label'

  • '#colour_picker_dialog.colour_channel_editor.horizontal_slider'

You can find out more about theming text entry lines here: UITextEntryLine Theming Parameters, labels here: UILabel Theming Parameters and horizontal sliders here: UIHorizontalSlider Theming Parameters.